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Art Print is the service bureau for Photography and Print Media concentrations

Art Print is located in Fine Arts room 345. Art Print produces digital prints for the Foundations VC2 classes, sells supplies for Photo and Print Media classes and prints large format images for students, faculty and staff or the Visual Arts department. The lab monitors in Art Print maintain the Photography Labs, Mac Lab and Print Finishing rooms.

Art Print Hours
Closed due to Covid-19
contact Chris Peregoy for more information

Photo Lab Hours
Closed for the semester

Weekend Building Access
You can now access the Fine Arts building on the weekends or late at night at the first floor north building doors. To the left of the door is a card swipe. Only the left side door will unlock after swiping your card.

Lab monitors do many chores for the photo and print media areas and may not be waiting at Art Print when you arrive. Please check the whiteboard on the door to see where the lab monitor may be.

Hours are subject to change.

Lab Policy

Lab Closures – a calendar for when the darkroom, processing areas or labs are closed for specific class usage.

Labs are closed for Fall 2020 due to the pandemic