Letterpress notes

Here are some helpful PDF’s for using type and the Vandercook or Kelsey Clam Shell presses

Set Type in Composing Stick

Kelsey Printers Guide original instruction booklet for Kelsey Presses

Printing Letterpress Negatives with OHP film using the P800 printer in FA 348

Working with Halftones plus Threshold & Posterizations in Photoshop

Steps for setting up the Vandercook Letterpress  Calvin’s pdf for setting up the Vandercook press.

Letterpress roller adjustments  Using the type high gage to adjust the inking rollers.

Registering your paper and plate on the Kelsey   In this video they are using different registration guides. Great method for attaching the plate in register to the paper.

How to do a Rainbow roll on the Kelsey Press.   Danielle Feliciano Wethington from PANTHERA PRESS shows how to stop the ink disc from rotating and how to ink and maintain a rainbow roll on a clamshell press.

Making Boxes  From the book, Books, Boxes, and Portfolios by Franz Zeier. Construction steps to building a portfolio box