Digital Printing Policies

.  Laser and Inkjet Printers

  • VC2 students will submit files for printing to Advanced students can use printers in FA 216 or FA 348 using their own paper and paying for ink. Art Print is Visual Arts print output bureau for large format printing. Check out for submitting work for printing.
  • Both the Photo and Print Media labs have printers that are only to be used by students that have been granted access to these rooms These printers require users to supply their own paper and their ink use is charged according to their media size.
  • The wide format Epson printer and Laser printer in FA 216 are for the use of students in Print Media courses only. A set amount of initial printing will be allowed out of lab fee funds.
  • The wide format Epson printers in FA 348 are for the use of Photography students in 300 level or above courses and others that have been granted access by the lab manager. A set amount ($5) of initial printing has been added to users accounts. After this amount has be used, students will need to recharge their accounts with retriever card funds in order to print. Make sure you have retriever funds on your campus ID and ask the attendant in Art Print (FA345) to increase your printing account. Available funds we roll over from semester to semester. Refunds will not be given for the initial $5 that your account started with. Refunds are put back ot the users ID card and will not be in cash.
  • Under no circumstance should a power clean be performed on these printers. Please report to the lab supervisor if the head is still clogged after 3 head cleanings.
  • Any student found tampering with the printers or print payment equipment will be evicted from the lab (card swipe access and PaperCut account will be revoked) and banned for the remainder of the semester.